Summer Adult Coed Soccer League - Outdoor

June 10th, 2018

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**Please note this is the page designed for the Sunday night, OUTDOOR half field league.**

During the summer season United Sports hosts a number of tournaments.  Due to this, schedules may be adjusted after the season begins to ensure there are no conflicts with tournament schedules. The majority of games will be played between 5:00 and 10:00, but there may be a few gametimes outside of this range.

A fun league for players looking to stay in shape and play the game they love!

- Games played on Sunday nights between 5:00 and 10:00pm (Games begin June 10th)
- 7 game season, playoffs for top teams
- 40 minute games (two 20 minute halves)
- Games played on turf  fields
- 8 v 8 (Includes GK) - 3 females per team on the field at all times (For each female not on the field, teams must play down a male player.)

NEW League Policies:
We have improved the quality and value of our programs to provide the best experience possible. This ensures quality control, competitive balance, and liability coverage for the facility. Below are some of our new policies.

Individual Registration: Each player is required to register for the league individually; they can register and assign themselves to a specific team. 

Check-In: Prior to the start of each league game, players will be required to show a picture ID and check-in with the field marshal. Players who are not rostered will have to register or pay the substitution fee at the front desk. 

Substitution/Drop-In Policy: A substitute is allowed for any regular season league game. This is a great chance to bring out friends who would like to try out the league but do not want to pay the full registration fee, or players who are only in town for a night or two. The fee is $10 per game. A substitute may play on any team, but may not play on two different teams in the same league on the same night. No substitutes will be allowed during post-season play.

Important Dates

May 27th, 2018 - Early Registration Deadline
*Rates increase by $10 after this date.*


Division 1 – Teams who are competitive, and have a skill level to reflect that.
Division 2 – Teams who are competitive, but may not be as fit or skilled as they once were, or are playing for fun.

**At the end of each season, other teams may be moved at the discretion of the League Director to ensure competitive balance.**

Length of Season

7 Games





$10 Adminstration Fee required. This yearly adminstration fee, once paid, covers all individual registrations for all programs throughout the year. Click here for more information. Adminstration fee must be paid prior to registering or you will recieve an error*

When registering online, if you are not a member and would like to become one, you will need to purchase your membership prior to registering for the league.  Once your membership has been purchased you may register for the league and receive the discounted pricing.

- Refunds will ONLY be issued in the event of a program cancellation.

Substitution Policy
$10/game for players not registered on your roster. Sub fee only applies to one team per night. No subs allowed in the post-season.


Rules PDF


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