Saturday, June 23rd -- Lil' Kickers will be inside at UNITED SPORTS

Lil Kickers

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Lil' Kickers is a nationally renowned, non-competitive child development soccer program for boys and girls ages 18 months to 7 years. This program introduces children to the concept of soccer, while also developing movement and interaction skills. In fact, we don’t just teach soccer to kids – we use soccer as a tool to teach kids about life. In Lil’ Kickers, we reward the effort, not the outcome. 

Because Lil’ Kickers is first and foremost a child development program, our purpose is really to help children mature on all levels. Our classes focus on building a strong physical, intellectual and emotional foundation that will help children be successful on and off the soccer field. We believe in teaching children in ways that suit their developmental level. So you won’t see adult-like skill drills in our classes, but you will see teaching methods specifically designed to create an atmosphere that is effective and fun. You will also see happy, confident and sweaty kids who are eager to learn and want to keep coming back for more.

What Are People Saying?

"This was our second session of soccer on Saturday mornings from 9-10 - for the youngest group - my son started on the day he turned 18 months old. I have to start by saying i was never a fan of soccer - played sports in college and throughout my youth, but not soccer. I have coached the sport of swimming for over 15 years and have mostly worked with the 3-8 year old age group. I have always found that the soccer programs for the younger ones were more chaotic than learning. I found out USTC had a class for the 18 month old group, I decided to give it a try because my little man is quite active and I wanted to start him in organized sports sooner rather than later. I am very happy that I did. Coaches Alicia and Hailey have been wonderful, kind and supportive to my son. But more than anything else, they actually taught him fundamentals, which I think is so difficult to do at this age. I think they did a wonderful job and should know that he actually learned from them, which is exactly what i had hoped for but never really expected. They do a wonderful job of encouraging the children while teaching them the sport and having fun doing it. My little man loves to come home and do the things he learned in class outside in our yard. Thank you for hiring such wonderful coaches and for having a worthy program. I have been impressed (and it takes a lot) and have been raving about your program to everyone I know. Keep up the good work. The coaches really make all the difference in programs for the little ones and Alicia and Hailey are keepers!" - Hillary

"It was awesome! On Saturday, my son was always the first one up and dressed because he couldn’t wait to get to Lil’ Kickers. We’ve already enrolled him in the next session."

"I thought the program was terrific. As a high school coach of girls soccer for ten years, it was fun to see how they learn the game at an early age before they get to high school. Thanks!"

"We really enjoyed the program and will help spread the word to others."

"I just want to let you know that you guys are doing an awesome job at delivering the information in a developmentally appropriate way!"

"He really enjoyed the class today and every week he is getting more passionate about soccer, thanks to you!"

"Kaitlyn loves coming to class every Saturday, and has really learned a lot. You are doing a great job coaching the kids!"