Saturday, June 23rd -- Lil' Kickers will be inside at UNITED SPORTS

Lil Kickers

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There are no classes listed yet for this season
Classes are subject to cancellation if enrollment is insufficient



Sports enrichment programs such as Lil' Kickers are proven to help enhance child development both physically and socially. Now you can start your own Lil' Kickers class and your child can attend for free! You must find a minimum of 7 kids that will sign up for the class for at least 8 weeks at $13.00/class. Your efforts in coordinating the class not only gets you a free session, but for as long as the class goes after the first session, your child will get a 50% discount. Your child and his/her friends, family and neighborhood will thank you for giving them the opportunity to have fun in their very own soccer class. Start your own Lil' Kickers class today!
*Create-a-class is only available at the United Sports location.