Saturday, June 23rd -- Lil' Kickers will be inside at UNITED SPORTS



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United Sports is the perfect “experiential marketing” platform.  A place where consumers can see touch, and develop an emotional connection with your brand.  A venue that builds awareness and drives sales.  United Sports offers one-stop shopping for businesses and corporations looking for advertising, marketing or association with the youth sports market.Imagine a medium that reaches people when they’re willing to be engaged.  One with power to let consumers experience your brand or product – not just see or hear about it.United Sports connects your brand with people who have money to spend and the desire to buy – soccer moms, teens, and families.


Sponsorship Elements

  • Signage
  • Plasma Screens (commercials)
  • Websites
  • Floor/Field Decals
  • Event Impact
  • Print & direct mail
  • Promotions & Contests
  • Sampling
  • Demos and Displays
  • Newsletter
  • Naming Rights

United Sports understands that sponsorship is about building business solutions.  We understand the power of emotion and it shows in the details that go into our events.  It all comes down to customer relationships; our promise to provide a different, better and special sports experience. The payoff for your brand – United Sports is where consumers want to be, where they are willing to be engaged.  United Sports is where your brand should be.

Event Impact and Gameday

  • Presenting sponsorships
  • Interactive day-of-event promotions
  • Display and sampling opportunities
  • Premium spectator giveaways
  • Branded vending
  • Brand awareness signage
    • Indoor Fields
    • Rock Wall
    • Field House
    • Outdoor Fields

Target Marketing & Promotions

  • Retail promotions
  • Youth-targeted marketing
  • Specific demographic targets
  • Direct mail/newsletter promotions
  • Game reminders/ e-mail banner ads

On-site Presence

  • Spectator interactive games
  • Exhibition booth
  • Entertainment sponsorship
  • Branded vending

For more information please contact John Hatt at or 610.466.7100.

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