COVID-19 Updates for United Sports

In order to operate safely for both our staff and our participants, we have made some changes to our operation. Things might look a little different, but you’ll still have that amazing United Sports experience. We have continually pushed farther than what’s required to ensure the safety of our community. We have gone above and beyond to provide the cleanest and safest experience, and we’re so excited that all this work has lead us back to playing!

Wearing of Masks at United Sports:

• Individuals who are actively participating in a program, league, tournament, or camp* will not be required to wear a mask – this includes referees

*Campers will need to bring a mask for brief periods of the day when taking part in lower energy activities (such as Arts & Crafts) where social distancing might prove more difficult

• All staff, coaches, customers, and spectators will be required to wear a mask at all times**

**If you have a medical exception, per the new mask order, please consider wearing a face shield for the safety of all at United Sports

• Players will be required to wear masks when not competing, including to/from fields and while resting on the sideline

• Each individual is responsible for providing their own mask

• Failure to adhere to this policy could lead to removal from grounds and/or suspension of admission


Listed below are all the ways United sports is working to provide a safe and healthy space for our community.


• Hand sanitizing stations throughout our facility, including outside for Summer Camps

• Observing social distancing guidelines always, even during camp pick-up & drop-off with our curbside check points.

• Reduced group & class sizes

• All staff, along with all children in our care, wash hands throughout the day – this is built into our daily schedules.

• Masks are required for all customers, spectators, coaches, and staff until further notice


• All those who enter our facility have their temperature taken by our state-of-the-art thermal scanner

• Children are sent home if they are displaying symptoms or if fever exceeds threshold

• Parents, Children, and Staff are all required to stay home when sick


• Each area is cleaned thoroughly throughout the day, including additional cleaning of high touch areas during Summer Camp

• Continually clean activity space between group use in shared spaces, as well as all camp-specific spaces, throughout the camp day


We thank you for sticking with us throughout these unusual times, and we can’t wait to see you again!

Stay Strong. Stay Healthy. Stay Hopeful. And Never Stop Playing!

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