Adult Basketball League (5v5)

April 29, 2019
  • Games will be scheduled on Monday nights between 6:30/7:00-11pm. Teams will play one game per week.
  • Games will be played with two 20-minute halves. Clock is running time; except final minute of second half in games within 15-points. Each team receives two time-outs per half.
  • All teams will be guaranteed 7 games minimum – 7 game regular season plus playoffs – (Top – 4 qualify for playoffs)
  • All teams MUST BE PAID IN FULL prior to the start of the season. Teams not paid in full by Friday, April 26th will not be included on the schedule until they are paid. Team roster may have up to 10 players on it. Players must play in a minimum of 3 games to be eligible for the playoffs. Games will be checked in and tracked week over week.
  • Rosters must be finalized prior to team’s 5th scheduled contest of the season. There will be no adds to the roster after teams play their 5th game.
  • 2 officials per game – fees included in registration – no paying refs on the court
  • All adult league games are 5 vs 5


Click here to view League Leaders! This will be updated weekly as long as we have the statistics.




Must register, pay in full and send team roster NO LATER than Friday, April 26th

  • Schedules will be out Friday, April 26th
  • Games begin on Monday, April 29th
  • Playoffs will be held tournament-style on Monday, June 24th


Adult – 18+


7 Games


Must be paid in full by Friday, April 26th to be included on the schedule:
Team Fee, $630
*All ref fees included in registration

If you are interested in registering as a free agent, please contact Matt Tyoe at mtyoe@unitedsports.net.


When registering online, if you are not a member and would like to become one, you will need to purchase your membership prior to registering for the league. Once your membership has been purchased you may register for the league and receive the discounted pricing.


$10 Administration Fee required. This yearly administration fee, once paid, covers all individual registrations for all programs throughout the year. Click here for more information. Administration fee must be paid prior to registering or you will receive an error.

*Refunds will ONLY be issued in the event of a program cancellation.

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