Summer Adult Outdoor Flag Football

July 12, 2020

The Summer session will start on Sunday, July 12th

Summer League will be played outdoor on Turf 2 on Sundays evenings,  games will be scheduled between 6:00pm – 10:00PM. 

Summer Outdoor Flag Football League is played outdoors on Turf #2. The game is 6v6, non-contact league play. There will be no field goals.

Summer season will be one combine league. Typically, football leagues are offered with a Competitive League and a Recreational League.  If there are not enough teams to run the leagues on their own, we will run a combined league – no rec/competitive split due to reduced number of teams.

Recreational: May be split “A” and “B” – Teams for fun, limited organized football background, coed teams welcome
Competitive: Top competition, must have years of organized flag playing experience – top teams, top athletes.

Summer Adult Flag Football Season:
Sunday Evenings Primarily – 6:00pm – 10:00pm
* 7 games Guaranteed (7 week, 7-game regular season, plus post-season for qualifying teams – TOP 4 will likely qualify for post-season)



Click here to view standings. These will be updated weekly.


Summer Dates :

Start of League: Sunday, July 12th

Playoffs for Qualifying Teams: Sunday, August 23rd 

Start of Fall League – To be announced 

Spring League Playoffs: To be announced 




Recreational – “A” and “B” Possible
*One combined if needed – would split for playoffs*


7 Games


Member Fee, $60
Non-member Fee, $70

Referee Fee, $15 per game (team responsible to pay ref prior to each game)
Forfeit fee, $30/game (48 – hour notice to league director, can alleviate fee and offer an opportunity to reschedule, no guarantees)


Individual Registration: Each player is required to register for the league individually; they can be register/assign themselves to a specific team. This will ensure quality control, competitive balance, and liability coverage for the facility.

Prior to the start of each league game, players will be required to show a picture ID and check-in with the field marshal. Those players not registered will have to register at the front desk or pay the drop-in fee at the front desk. This will ensure quality control, competitive balance, and liability coverage for the facility.

Substitution/Drop-In Policy: A substitute is allowed for any league game. The fee is $15 per game. A substitute may play on any team in any night, but must pay the fee prior to playing. No substitutes will be allowed during playoffs or post-season.


$15/game for players not registered on your roster. Sub fee only applies to one team per night. No subs allowed in playoffs. Up to three sub fees can be put towards total registration, none will be honored beyond that.

$10 Administration Fee required. This yearly administration fee, once paid, covers all individual registrations for all programs throughout the year. Administration fee must be paid prior to registering or you will receive an error.


Teams MUST HAVE at least three players paid in full on their roster prior to the season to be put on schedule. The rest need to be registered by the first game.

*Each individual must register/pay an individual fee. The captain should register first and “create” the team (name). Captain can invite members to join and register to the team. Team members can then join that specific team and captain will approve players.

**Teams are responsible to provide their own flags (flags must be the ‘pop’ version)- Loaners may be available for new teams.

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