Administration Fee / Membership


The United Sports Administrative Fee is a REQUIRED program. This yearly administration fee, once paid, covers all individual registrations for all programs throughout the year.

Annual Individual Admin fee, $18
Annual Family Admin fee, $40

In our attempts to minimize the price increases of our programs, this small, one-time annual fee helps offset administrative costs, including insurance, while allowing for continued investment into our facility. During the course of a year, most of our customers sign up for more than one program, so rather than significantly raise the prices on classes and programs, this once-a-year fee actually helps keep more money in our customers pocket.


Starting December 1st, 2023 we will be introducing a new membership plan that offers more expansive benefits and consistent member discounts on programs, leagues, camps, birthday parties, and more.

All memberships purchased prior to 12/1/23 (now referred to as “Basic Memberships”) and their typical discounts/pricing will still be honored through their expiry date.  Any new benefits offered will not be included.


Our new Member Program benefits will now include:

–Membership Pricing on Leagues, Programs, Classes, Before & After Care, and Camps (10% off)

–10% Discount on Room Rentals for personal/family use.

–25% off Birthday Parties, Pee Wee Play Days, Parent Days & Nights Out

–Open Play at United Sports (when courts/fields are available, members can use these at no cost – guests cost $5)

–Membership Parking Sticker: preferred parking on weekends; no cost for tournament parking

–Administration Fee included in membership

–Free access to some Special Events

–Preferred registration access (registration available to members prior to opening to general or early membership)

–The last two weeks of Summer Camp – preferred enrollment for members


If you are interested in joining this new membership program, we will pro-rate your existing Basic Membership and Administration Fee payments and deduct that from the cost of enrollment. United Sports will now offer three levels of annual membership:

Individual Membership – $129

Parent-Child Membership – $227

Family Membership – $349


More information will be coming soon including Open Play calendars, Summer Camp registration information, and additional Membership events and special offers for the spring and summer seasons. For now, if you are interested in transitioning to a new membership, please email Isabel Clark at

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