This program is for boys and girls who are at least 13 years old by June 21st, 2023. The Junior Counselor Training Program program is held during five different sessions this summer. This program is selective and progressive as you spend the summer evolving from a camper toward a terrific Counselor in future years.

For more information about applying to be a Junior Counselor, please email Isabel Clark at iclark@unitedsports.net.

This is a wonderful opportunity to take on new responsibilities, learn new teaching skills, and practice emerging leadership skills in a safe and nurturing environment. You will have fun doing some daily activities developed just for your group that are separate from your training activities.

Program Information

June 17th – June 28th

July 8th – July 19th

July 29th – August 9th

August 12th – August 23rd

  • Boys & Girls, Ages 13-15

Each day with United Sports Staff Members you will:

–Spend time working toward certifications such as Community First Aid and CPR, as well as Babysitting Safety.

–Take part in Junior Counselor Training workshops on child development, camp safety and the best practices in counseling, teaching and being role models to young campers.

–Spend time in United Sports camp activity periods observing (and later helping) counselors during Pee Wee Camp, Action Day Camp, and our various Sports Camps.

–Meet with your Junior Counselor group and United Sports Staff to discuss your experiences in the activity area you visit, what you have learned, what good counseling looks like and how to emulate it when you return to practice your skills the next day.

–Spend time every day with other Junior Counselor’s doing a fun, traditional camp activity or two developed just for you.

–Being a Junior Counselor at United Sports Camp is a challenging and rewarding experience.  Your days will be spent in a wide variety of activities.  It is important to understand that being a Junior Counselor is a responsibility.  Be sure that you are willing and prepared to meet the challenges presented in this program before you apply.

Please Remember a Junior Counselor will:

  • Participate with enthusiasm!  An important part of leadership when mentoring children is enthusiastic participation.
  • Come to camp prepared to learn new skills and practice them in a safe, encouraging environment.
  • Bring a positive attitude and a sense of fun as a role model.
  • Be held to higher behavioral standards than campers.
  • Show maturity in both actions and words.
  • Have opportunities every day for fun activities just for those in the Junior Counselor program.
  • 8:00A – 5:00P

Lunch, Snacks, Refillable Water Bottle

Applications due by June 1st, 2024.

Submit completed applications to Isabel Clark (iclark@unitedsports.net).


Fees: $400/ non-member; $380/member

Program Contact

Isabel Clark


610-466-7100 ext 102