A USSF & US Youth Soccer-Aligned Approach to Development

Discover the ultimate youth soccer development experience with United Sports’ Youth Soccer Skills Classes tailored for ages 5-10. Our personalized, adaptive approach emphasizes fundamental skill mastery and teamwork within a dynamic, low player-to-coach ratio setting. Whether your child aims for club or school team success or simply enjoys pick-up games with friends, our fast-paced learning environment nurtures individual growth and achievement.

Aligned with the USSF’s U.S. Soccer Curriculum, our age-appropriate instructional framework encompasses technical skill, tactical knowledge, physical ability, and social & psychological awareness, ensuring comprehensive player development. Plus, our flexible scheduling accommodates the needs of local clubs and youth soccer associations, making it accessible to a diverse range of players, from beginners to seasoned competitors.

The Skills Institute fosters a foundational approach to youth training, prioritizing fun, safety, and individualized progress. Whether it’s a first-time player, a Lil’ Kickers graduate transitioning to local youth teams, or a club player seeking to excel, our program caters to all skill levels. Explore more about the Skills Institute program on the Lil’ Kickers website and unleash your child’s soccer potential today!


  • Climate control (no exposure to outdoor elements/weather)
  • Fast-paced game with minimal stoppages
  • More touches on the ball per player
  • Improved fitness levels
  • Develop small group defending, attacking, and transition
  • Improves players’ individual skills
  • Kids love it and find indoor soccer to be “fun”
  • Encourage quicker speed of play

Program Information


  • Not sure where to place your child? This program offers a variety of classes for ages 5 – 10 years. Have a younger child? Check out our Lil’ Kickers program!

Level I: Ages 5-6, 7-8, 9-10

  • The focus will be on the basic fundamentals of player development through dribbling, passing, shooting, trapping, and how to use each skill effectively in a game. Level 1 will take players through a challenging 50-minute weekly session of fundamental skill building and competitive drills/games to develop self-confidence in practices and game situations.

Level II: Ages 5-6, 7-8, 9-10

  • Building on skills from Level I.

Level III: Ages 5 -10

Find your place on the field. Whether you prefer a single position or want versatility, this challenging 50-minute class focuses on position-specific training. They will master fundamentals, position responsibilities, tactical approaches, and attacking/defending skills.

Cost will be prorated for sessions with fewer classes

  • An administration fee is required for program registration. This admin fee is good for one year, once paid, covers all admin costs for all programs for the year. The admin fee must be paid prior to registration, or you will receive an error.
  • Boys & Girls; Ages 5 to 9
    • Ages 5-6
      • Level I
      • Level II
      • Level III
    • Ages 7-8
      • Level I
      • Level II
      • Level III
    • Age 9-10
      • Level I
      • Level II
      • Level III
  • No classes on Easter Sunday
  • Participants should wear comfortable clothes and indoor soccer shoes (no cleats) or plain sneakers. Bring a water bottle (labeled with your child’s name). All other necessary equipment is provided. 
  • Skills Institute uniforms are offered promotionally as part of the registration; you will receive a free red Skills Institute uniform with your first registration. You can pick up your uniform at the front desk during the first week of classes.
  • Almost every activity has a minimum number of registrants needed to cover the expenses or to make it enjoyable for everyone (think sports games and scrimmages). Classes may be subject to cancellation if there is insufficient enrollment. If you see an activity you like, don’t hesitate to sign up today!
  • All registrations are on a first come; first served basis.


  • Customers may transfer their child at any point in the session.
  • All class transfers are dependent upon space availability.


  • You are allowed to make up any missed classes within the session in which you are enrolled, subject to space availability. We typically offer many other class times, so usually, this is not a problem; however, we cannot guarantee that space will be available. And note that you cannot carryover make-up classes into later sessions. To coordinate a make-up class, you must contact Coach Mere at or 610-466-7100 ext. 114.


  • We do offer one free trial class to new customers to see if their children enjoy the Skills Institute experience. The free trial policy is usually limited to one free class per child. Click here to schedule a Free Trial, or contact Meredith Haymond.
  • Customers may only do trials in classes that have space available.

Spring Season: March 4th, 2024 – May 19th, 2024


Registration: $186.75 per person

Program Contact

Meredith Haymond

(610) 466-7100 ext.114

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